Thursday, June 25, 2009

What is Stewardship, Anyway?

Stewardship….Not Convenience. That’s my philosophy in a nutshell. Perhaps you want me to expound a little.

But, realistically, I found that it is very difficult for me to be a good steward of the resources–my health, body, home, money, environment, etc.–that God has given me in our society. That’s because our society has one focus–convenience. Convenience comes in many forms–disposable items, microwavable food, harsh chemicals, empty nutrition, extra expenses. So, I personally have set out on a mission. My mission is to shun convenience just for convenience sake. I am not entitled to convenience. Where do we get the idea that we have the right for everything to be easy and fast?! But I do have the responsibility to take good care of what I have been given.

I have been called a “hippie” because of some of the choices I have made regarding my life. However, I am not a hippie. Rather, I am a Christian who is convicted about how convenience and entitlement to ease has crept in to our worldview. We cram our mouths full of junk because it is quick to eat, and we justify with the belief that God has already ordained our days on earth, and our diet cannot change that. Or we pollute the earth and fill up the landfills with garbage that will never break down because, as Christians, we believe that God is the one in charge of the earth, and humans cannot destroy it. While these beliefs are true, we have forgotten that God has called us to stewardship. We should take care of what God created for us, so God can use us fully in the plans he has for us.

That said, I have set out to figure out practical ways that I can best use the resources I’ve been given. And that’s what this blog is all about. I have not “arrived” yet, and I’m still definitely a work in progress. But, I do want to share what I have discovered. Perhaps you have a worldview that centers around convenience and entitlement and you want to learn to be a better steward of your resources. I welcome your comments. Perhaps you are a few steps ahead of me in this department, and you have some wisdom to share. If so, I’d be happy to post your comments! Either way, ultimately, the purpose of this blog is to glorify God in all of our actions, and to not let the world creep into our belief system–to carefully examine the reasons behind everything we do.

It’s time to be a happy steward!