Saturday, June 13, 2009

Sensational Saturday

Every Saturday I am going to post about something that has really stimulated my senses this week. It could be something I found visually beautiful, something I heard that intrigued me, something I smelled....well, you get the picture.

A week ago, my family moved into a new home. We needed a bigger home for our family, and our new home has wonderful established trees in the front and back yards. They provide shade and beauty. But I'm not the only one that likes the trees. The birds love them, too! We have a multitude of song birds and other birds that have inhabited the trees in our yards. Our previous home didn't have any established trees in the neighborhood (it was a new neighborhood), and I completely missed out on having birds around.

Aside from the birds that live in the trees around our home, we have two families of barn swallows that have chosen to build their nests on the brick on our front and back porches. They now have nests full of little chirping hatchlings. My husband finds them to be a nuisance--afterall, they do poop all over everything. But their chirping just brings joy to my heart. I have actually found myself sitting down in the middle of the day just to hear all the birds singing at each other. There is such a beauty and serenity found in listening to God's little creatures merrily going about their business. They sing as they tend to their young ones. They sing and chirp as they gather food and do work. What a reminder to me it has been that I should do all things (even the mundane or down right gross) with a cheerful heart.

As soon as we get all the boxes unpacked, I will start setting up bird feeders in the trees. I'm so excited about my new little "neighbors," and that their songs remind me to be cheerful as well!