Monday, June 29, 2009

Creative Knitting

Those who know me well know that I LOVE arts and crafts--particularly fiber crafts like crocheting and knitting. I am far better at crocheting since I've done it much longer, but knitting has recently captivated my interest again. I've particularly been wanting to work on some cute bathmats for our guest bathroom. In my search for a good pattern, I came across a very fascinating site that I wanted to share.

The article I found lists several different ways to use things around you probably have around your home and turn them into yarn for your knitting or crochet work. I have to admit, there are a few ideas on there (using dog hair and human hair) that seem too, well...exotic for my taste. But there are also some great ideas as well. I've decided to try my hand at making the cable knit bathmat that's highlighted on the page. Now, the focus on the page is "upcycling" which just means recycling things to give them a new, more stylish life. What a great way to keep trash from piling up at the landfill. But it's also great if you have little projects or gifts you want to make but you don't have the extra in your budget to spring for the fancy yarn. (How about some coasters for the coffee table made out of WalMart sacks?!) When I was in college, I had friends who would go to garage sales and thrift stores and buy sweaters to unravel for yarn. So, for the price of one ball of yarn, they got all the yarn they needed for a project. Sure, it takes a little extra work to make your own yarn or recycle yarn, but you'll definitely save money! And you'll have a really neat story to tell everyone when they admire your work. :)

As soon as I get the bathmats finished, I'll post a picture. Have you ever used alternative fibers for your knitting or crocheting projects? Do share!