Tuesday, June 30, 2009

My New Love--Digital Scrapbooking

On my last post, I shared with you about my love of fiber crafts--particularly knitting and crocheting. Both crocheting and knitting are great ways to use your spare time to make beautiful things for your family at a fraction of the cost of buying it at the store. Today I wanted to share another great craft that I enjoy in my free time that has brought beauty to my home, and has also been quite cost effective. DIGITAL SCRAPBOOKING!

I've been scrapbooking the traditional way for quite some time, and I love the looks you can create with beautiful stickers and pictures and paper. But have you ever looked at the prices of those embellishments?!

Last Christmas, my husband Curtis bought me a digital scrapbooking program called My Memories Suite. It's made by Polaroid. I started using it on Christmas Day, and I've been totally hooked ever since. Digital scrapbooking is so much easier (as long as you have basic computer knowledge. And since you're reading a blog, I'd assume you do!) Everything is in one place--on your computer--and you don't have to worry about cleaning up the massive messes after a scrapbooking session. My husband loves it because our kitchen table is no longer covered with stickers and papers. The main reason I grown to prefer digital scrapbooking is because it is so much cheaper! After the initial purchase of the program, you can buy all kinds of digital versions of papers and stickers and embellishments at the fraction of what you would pay at Hobby Lobby for the real kind. And with the digi version, you can reuse the items over and over again--very cost effective. Not to mention, the end result is just as beautiful as with traditional scrapbooking.

As you can tell, this is something I've grown to be quite passionate about. That's because I have been able to do far more than just digital scrapbooking with the program I've made wall decorations, gifts, and cards with it as well. For example, when we adopted our children in May, I made invitation post cards with the program and had them printed off quite cheaply. They turned out great! And I've made framed wall decor for Mother's day. The Father's Day photo blocks I talked about a few posts ago were also made with the My Memories Suite program. Even the header on this blog was made with the program. So it's very versatile.

So, if you're into scrapbooking, or you have wanted to scrapbook, but the cost has just been to much to bear, you might look into the My Memories Suite program to save you some time and money. I'm really excited to be joining the creative team for My Memories Suite, so I'll be posting scrapbook pages I've made and craft ideas on a regular basis on this blog. I'd love to hear from you...have you done any digital scrapbooking, and if so, have you found any other creative crafts to do with your software?