Wednesday, June 17, 2009

WFMW--Apple Cider Vinegar

Apple Cider Vinegar (or ACV) has quickly become my best friend in the kitchen. I want to share some of the ways ACV works for me!

Disclaimer: I have to start by saying that the ACV I refer to in this post is not the highly processed ACV you buy at WalMart. I am referring to the raw, unfiltered ACV that preferably still has the mother in it. Bragg's is a good brand, but I know there are other brands, too.
  • Lately I've used it for making pickles, instead of the regular distilled vinegar. I have never really been a pickle fan at all, but the pickles made with ACV have a much richer flavor. Yes, they still taste like vinegar, but their flavor is deeper. Also, with all the health benefits of ACV, the pickles are much healthier, too!
  • Also, while your making your pickles, why not pour some ACV into a spray bottle along with some water, lemon juice, castille soap and tea tree oil? It makes a great, frugal surface cleaner!
  • I've also been taking ACV to help with my allergies. I simply put a couple of teaspoons in a glass with about 8 oz. of water. While some people have no problems with this concoction, I find it a bit too sour to drink. But I've found that by adding a teaspoon or two of raw honey (good for allergies too!) to the solution, then it is quite palatable. I've been suffering from terrible outdoor allergies this season. We recently moved, and our new backyard is full of trees and plants, which has just made the allergies worse. I've discovered that when I drink the ACV, within just a few minutes, my nose is decongested. (I wonder if the acidity breaks down mucous...) And I seem to generally feel better after drinking the ACV mixture--without all the jittery side effects I get from over the counter/prescription allergy meds. To read more about the use of ACV as an allergy tonic, click here.
In doing my research, it seems that there are a multitude of uses for apple cider vinegar. I have provided a few uses that work for me, but I would love to hear how you use ACV in your home!