Thursday, July 9, 2009

My Little "Neighbors"

(this is the nest in the back of the house. I think the Momma Bird must be a drill sargeant because they are always lined up in a straight line looking down together.)

I posted a while back about all the bird living around us--especially the two nests of barn swallows that have taken over my front and back porches. I wanted to post pictures of them. They are getting quite big (they're not big balls of fluff anymore), and they are definitely singing more now--not just the little chirps. They are also making a much bigger mess on my porches! But I think they are about to leave the nest, since they look quite mature now. Every time I walk outside, they all peer over the edge of the nest and look down at me (which is actually kind of creepy.)

(this is the front porch nest. Their Momma Bird is more relaxed than the back porch Momma--they're always going every which way in their nest