About Me

Hi everyone!  My name is Beth.  I’ve been married to my wonderful husband, Curtis, for almost 6 years, and together we have 4 children that have joined our family through adoption.  We are also in the process of becoming foster parents, and we believe that God has called our family to make a difference in the world of fostering and adopting.  I reside in the heart of Oklahoma where I homeschool my kids—ages 7,6,5 and 2 ½. A few years ago I was diagnosed with PCOS, and in my journey to resolve those issues naturally, I discovered the whole "new" world of natural living.  I still have a lot of areas to work on, but learning to live a simpler, more natural life has really made a huge difference, and it has prompted me to look into how I can be a better steward of all areas of life.  That's why I started this blog--to share things I'm learning and to get encouragement from others interested in becoming better stewards of all areas of life.  During my rare free time, I love to learn about theology and history, and I enjoy all kinds of crafts—especially quilting, knitting, crocheting, and digital scrapbooking.  Thanks for stopping by my little corner of blogland!